the Competition

The 2018 Nordic Roaster competition will be held at the Nordic Roaster event on the 20th to the 22nd of September in Oslo Norway. Each competing roastery must have one person present during the evaluation of the coffees on both evaluation days and also at the award ceremony on Saturday the 22nd of September.


There will be two (2) categories in the competition:

  • 1. Provided coffee
  • 2. Pacamara cultivar

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List of competitors

Johan Helstrøm Jørgensen Norge Jørgensen Kaffebrenneri
Pia von der Lippe Norge Temperato espressomaskiner / Lippe
Tim Wendelboe Norge Tim Wendelboe
Christofer Landström Sverige da Matteo Kafferosteri
Ola Brattås Norge Kaffebrenneriet
Patrik Rolf Danmark April Coffee Roasters
Simo Kristidhi Norge Solberg & Hansen
Trude Skjold Løken Norge KAFFA
Jack Ryan Sverige Muttley & Jack´s Coffee Roasters
Kjetil Russenes Norge Sognefjord kaffibrenneri AS