2016 Nordic Roaster Competition Results


We are happy to announce that the winner of the 2016 Nordic Roaster Competition is:

Tim Wendelboe from Oslo, Norway.


The Nordic Roaster 2016 was held in Copenhagen during the Nordic Roaster Forum on the 27th  – 29th of October.

There were 9 participating roasters, all from Nordic countries.

Each roaster had to submit two coffees for the competition. One of the coffees had to be a washed coffee of a Bourbon cultivar, selection or mutation,  produced in Central America. The second coffee had to be produced in Colombia and had to be washed. All coffees had to be traceable to one farm or a cooperative.

You can read the rules here.

The coffees were  cupped blind in two rounds by the 50+ attendees at the Nordic Roaster Forum . The attendees had to score the coffees based on the Cup of Excellence system from 0 to 100 points where 100 was the best score. All the scores given by the attendees for each coffee was added together and then averaged. The average from the two rounds were added together and the roaster with the highest average score after the two cuppings won the 2015 Nordic Roaster Competition and earned the title 2016 Nordic Roaster.

Below are the full results and the results from each round.

[gview file=”http://nordicbaristacup.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/NRF-2016-results-FINAL-1.pdf”]

Ikawa roast profiles

[gview file=”http://nordicbaristacup.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Roast-Profiles.pdf”]

During the 2016 Nordic Roaster Forum, the attendees were divided in to 6 groups and given a challenge to roast a Colombian coffee from Tarqui as good as they could on an Ikawa roaster.

The coffees were later cupped and team number 3 was voted the best profile.

You can download all the profiles the teams submitted for this informal Challenge here.


Please feel free to download, use and share these roast profiles.

Sensory class after NRF

CoffeeMind is running their exclusive Sensory Performance course Monday to Tuesday (the 31st of October – the 1st of November) right after Nordic Roaster Forum. The course is a perfect follow-on on the talks on Sensory Methodology by Ida and Morten. Therefore we will like to give you a special offer on the course! If you sign up and use the discount code: nrf2016 you will get 15% discount. Here is a link to the course with discount: https://coffee-mind.com/nrf2016

The Sensory Performance course is the perfect step for those who wish to improve their sensory skills and their expertise as a coffee taster. The Sensory Scientist at CoffeeMind, Ida Steen, has taken the best from her education in Sensory and Consumer Science from the University of Copenhagen, and merged it with the needs of the specialty coffee industry to design this innovative course in order to improve the precision within which quality is controlled by people within the organization. You will be engaged in a training process that charts your sensory skills and how they develop throughout the course.  After two days of assessing your sensory skills and training, you will know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie when it comes to coffee tasting. This will provide you with the best opportunity to optimize your skills as a coffee taster.

Read more about the course here: https://coffee-mind.com/nrf2016

Speakers at NRF 2016

We are happy to announce that the following speakers will share their knowledge by giving interesting lectures at the 2016 Nordic Roaster Forum. This year we have decided to keep the topics a bit secret, but we can reveal where these brilliant speakers work:

  • Joanne Berry – Nordic Approach
  • Måns Akne Andersson – 32 cup and consultant
  • Jeremy Challender – Prufrock
  • Morten Munchow – Coffee Mind
  • Ida Steen – Coffee Mind
  • Chrystel Monthean – Yara
  • Thomas Harttung
  • Klaus Thomsen – The Coffee Collective
  • Mads Kleppe – noma
  • Mikaela Wallgren – The Coffee Collective
  • Bradley Nelson – Ikawa
  • Mette Marie Hansen – Sucafina
  • Christian Klatt – Hemro Group

The list will be updated as we get more confirmations.

In addition to the lectures we will also be conducting the 2016 Nordic Roaster Competition during the event.


Our official  partner: Hotel Babette Guldsmeden is perfectly located close to the NRF 2016 venue.

It is only 4 minutes by boat from Nordre Toldbod and a 4 minutes walk from the boat to The Factory.


NRF 2015 rutevejledning


The Guldsmeden Hotels are Green Globe certified, which is one of the most exacting certifications available to the hospitality sector.
Green Globe´s 360-degree sustainability management system ensures our very best efforts in every aspect of the daily operations of our hotels.
Green Globe audits its members once a year, and demand a 5% improvement on a given area. This ensures our continued commitment to keeping it green. Read more about Green Globe on greenglobe.com!


The Ø-label is regulated by the Danish Ministry of Food & Agriculture, and the golden Ø is only given to restaurants with a percentage above 90 in regards to organic produce.
We are audited by a representative from the ministry 3 times per year, and our most recent score was 98,6% organic! General thoughts on sustainable operations…

The harder it is to achieve, the easier it is to maintain. This has been our experience. Being subjected to scrutiny that leaves no stone unturned, means that we are now at liberty to focus on our good atmosphere and hostmanship, and not worry about whether we have been thorough enough in our sustainability efforts.
All Guldsmeden Hotels have achieved the official Golden Ø label, signifying above 90% organic food.


Special prices when using our corporate code ( which You will receive by mail ) :

SINGLE ROOM :                                           DKK    995,-

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