Sensory class after NRF

CoffeeMind is running their exclusive Sensory Performance course Monday to Tuesday (the 31st of October – the 1st of November) right after Nordic Roaster Forum. The course is a perfect follow-on on the talks on Sensory Methodology by Ida and Morten. Therefore we will like to give you a special offer on the course! If you sign up and use the discount code: nrf2016 you will get 15% discount. Here is a link to the course with discount:

The Sensory Performance course is the perfect step for those who wish to improve their sensory skills and their expertise as a coffee taster. The Sensory Scientist at CoffeeMind, Ida Steen, has taken the best from her education in Sensory and Consumer Science from the University of Copenhagen, and merged it with the needs of the specialty coffee industry to design this innovative course in order to improve the precision within which quality is controlled by people within the organization. You will be engaged in a training process that charts your sensory skills and how they develop throughout the course.  After two days of assessing your sensory skills and training, you will know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie when it comes to coffee tasting. This will provide you with the best opportunity to optimize your skills as a coffee taster.

Read more about the course here: