Speakers at NRF 2016

We are happy to announce that the following speakers will share their knowledge by giving interesting lectures at the 2016 Nordic Roaster Forum. This year we have decided to keep the topics a bit secret, but we can reveal where these brilliant speakers work:

  • Joanne Berry – Nordic Approach
  • Måns Akne Andersson – 32 cup and consultant
  • Jeremy Challender – Prufrock
  • Morten Munchow – Coffee Mind
  • Ida Steen – Coffee Mind
  • Chrystel Monthean – Yara
  • Thomas Harttung
  • Klaus Thomsen – The Coffee Collective
  • Mads Kleppe – noma
  • Mikaela Wallgren – The Coffee Collective
  • Bradley Nelson – Ikawa
  • Mette Marie Hansen – Sucafina
  • Christian Klatt – Hemro Group

The list will be updated as we get more confirmations.

In addition to the lectures we will also be conducting the 2016 Nordic Roaster Competition during the event.